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Welcome to the Keywey Language Lounge!

New Zealanders commonly refer to themselves as Kiwis - and I daresay that most of them enjoy thinking that people from other countries think of them as being Kiwis.

The following notes on dialectal oddities among Kiwis are a result of my own observations. The utterances were made by people with different social and regional backgrounds. Taken together they do not reflect the pronunciation of one individual.

ageen - again
auld - old
 brew - bro (brother)
ek-cess - access
hea - here
Keywey - Kiwi
lighta - later
 Merry - Mauri
oh-som - awesome
paua - power
plays - please
quistens - questions
sweyt - sweet
yeh - yeah
If you want to see Aussies taking the piss out of the kiwi dialect, then go to:
It doesn't sound authentic, but it's funny.

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