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There aint a CASTOR driving along these rails!


Good day sheilas and mates,

New Zealand‘s flora and fauna is so unique! In the middle picture are the blossoms of the national Christmas tree, the Pohutukawa. To the left is a partying high hippy flower - I’ve seen this one on Waiheke Island close to Auckland -, and to the right of the Pohutukawa is the symbol of Germany’s political flower-power party… as seen in a Bremen Strebergarten!

Some strange news from a foreign star arrived here… Germany’s landscape is changing - politically; and this is one of its transforming eruptions, as I hear:

Merkel: Provide nuclear energy to cover the demand until alternative source can keep up with it.
Steinmeier: But by doing that you’ll take the pressure away of investing in alternative energies.

So, that’s the story there. The story here is quite different. Aotearoa, or the Land of the Long White Cloud, has a very interesting history in its struggle with nuclear power(s): In the last century the big world powers spent decades testing atomic bombs on atoll islands in the Pacific - New Zealand’s back yard, so to speak. Consequently, the country decided to go nuclear free in the 1980s.

One night in 1985: The Greenpeace boat Rainbow Warrior docked in the Auckland harbor. This boat was used by activist to fight against the atomic bomb tests in the Pacific. That night French secret service men planted a bomb on the boat; the Rainbow Warrior sunk in the harbor, one Greenpeace activist died.

The secret agents were caught, New Zealander’s were upset. The French put economical pressure on the New Zealand government to get their secret agents back. Eventually, New Zealand handed them over under the condition that they’d complete their sentence in France. Back home, the secret service men were given a grand welcome and were celebrated as national heroes for their heroic action of sinking a Greenpeace boat. After that these criminals were sent to a luxurious island to “complete their sentence“.  

Today the recovered mast of the Rainbow Warrior stands in front of the museum of Dargaville in the Northlands. The sunken Greenpeace boat has become a national icon; and New Zealand remains nuclear free. Geothermal sources provide most of the energy for the country‘s four million inhabitants. This brings its own problems with it - but at least nuclear waste is not one of them.

Peace from Aotearoa
30.9.09 13:20


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